Taking Care Of Your Pug

Published: 12th September 2008
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For many years, one of the most popular dog breeds has been the Pug. If you are going to own a Pug, you need to realize that it will require special care. This breed has long been a recognized one, and gained acceptance in the AKC's Toy Group where it was initially recognized in 1885. Pugs are very easy to distinguish with their thick little bodies, curly tail, flat and wrinkly faces. Most Pugs are between thirteen to twenty pounds in weight and stand ten to fourteen inches tall. Although these dogs are precious in their own way, an owner has to be aware of unique health concerns in this breed.

First, there is the dog's folding skin. Unfortunately, the skin folds on a Pug are prone to infection. Contact your vet at the first sign of infection. Consistently scheduled baths to remove excess dirt from between the skin folds will help to prevent skin infections. Not bathing between the wrinkles can cause bacteria build up which could lead to infection.

If left on their own with food, pugs will eat to excess. Keeping your Pug at a healthy weight by watching its' food intake is important. Being overweight can be detrimental to them in the same way that it can be for humans. Pugs do not handle heat well, so make sure there is ample shade available if left outside. As with any living thing, they should never be left in a car during the summer. High temperatures can induce difficulty in breathing in Pugs, so you should not leave them exposed to high temperatures.

Another factor which could cause pug dog health problems is its' eyes. The special shape of a Pug's face and the location of its' eyes are generally the cause of many eyesight problems. Consistently checking should alert you to any immediate inflammation in the eye. Any signs of infection is a signal to get your dog to the vet right away.

Going to the vet when needed and providing basic pet care are the best ways to keep your Pug in good health. For those that provide proper care for their pet, they can be rewarded with many years with their faithful friend.

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